Suncat Ball 2020

2020 was a difficult year for our girls.  Most if not all the girls were only able to play 2-3 weeks of high-school games before their seasons were ultimately cut short.  Both prom and graduation followed suit and they were eventually canceled as well.  Typically our girls are used to traveling to New Jersey, Oklahoma, Colorado, California, and Nevada every summer for club showcases and tournaments.  Every single one of those events ended up being canceled.


During this stressful time, we were finally able to give the girls a little bit of fun! The girls had a fancy dinner at Firebirds, they were able to get dressed up and wear their prom dresses.  After the dinner, they headed over to one of the coach's house for a night of dancing, picture taking and swimming.  The girls had a blast!


Thank you to Chris Lamontagne and the staff at Firebirds in Gilbert for making this evening possible.



Photo Time

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