September 2019

As we head into September we will continue to be focused on our fundamentals and preparing all the girls for their upcoming showcases. The girls should be focused on learning to manage their school schedule, practices, their off the field development time (20 minutes) and getting better with everything they do. If the girls need help in managing their time or if you have questions about it, please let me know.  


Your September dues invoice will be coming out shortly.  It is important we get the dues paid right away which allows us to pay for the upcoming showcases.  The Showcases we attend book up fast and the longer we wait the less likely we are going to get in.  


Important Dates this Month

9/7 - Leadership Event

Our focus will be stoking the flame of competition and teaching the girls to be in the now. They will face challenges that will require them to focus and deliver.  Be sure to ask lots of questions when they get home and be a part of what they have learned.


9/22 - Fundraising – Golf Tournament – Only 19 Days left

  • We need more sign-ups to golf and more sponsors if we are going to cover our tournament costs, blast renewal fees, sports recruits fees, and additional showcases.
  • Remember each player is responsible for 1 business sponsor of $250 and 1 – 4 person golf team. Our prize money and tournaments are dependent on us hitting our goals! Below are the links to the important documents:

Sponsor Flyer
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]
Sponsor Thank you
Microsoft Word document [1.2 MB]

Recent Golf Tournament Questions

  • What type of format is the tournament? Golfers are in 2 or 4 person scramble teams. Each player hits a tee shot from each hole but everyone plays from the spot of the best shot.

  • Is the $500 prize money person or team? It is per team


  • Will there be swag bags and what does the golfer get for $150? Swag bags, Cart, Lunch and a chance to win the $500 prize money.  

  • What if I don’t know golfers? Our next event is a cornhole tournament if you can get cornhole signups instead of golfers, let James know and he will pair you up with a family that can get golfers.  The two families together can help achieve the goals we have set?

  • How do I get a sponsor, where do I start?  Jon is a great example, he started with going to various restaurants in Queen Creek and focused on the all the girls do and what they are trying to achieve.  No one wants to pay your travel costs but everyone wants to help out kids who are trying to get into college and make something of themselves.

9/29 - On Deck Tryouts 

On Deck is great resource to help you get an unbiased look at your daughter’s performance and compare her to other athletes her age.  In addition, if she performs well she will get the opportunity to play in one of their many events, which has a huge coach following.  On Deck will be in town on 9/29 and we would like as many of our girls to attend as possible.  Check out the event here:

Schedule Change

Originally, we planned to play in a local tournament on the 9/28 – 9/29 weekend.  However, we don’t want the girls missing out on the first On Deck tryout of the year.  If they are selected, the girls will have more opportunity to be seen by colleges and fulfill their goal of being recruited. 


Of course, we still need games though.  I will be scheduling more friendly games to ensure we are getting game time prior to our upcoming showcases.

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