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We will...


As an organization, we focus on building powerful young women.  Our message is simple, "We will".  We will commit to three standards: Communicate, Build, and Compete.  These standards start off as goals for all new student-athletes but eventually become standards in the classroom, in life, and on the field.


We will...Communicate

We will...Build

We will...Compete



Announce your plan, tell your teammates the plan. Deliver your message with enthusiasm, confidence, and belief in your ability to succeed.  Give back to your community, help shape the next generation with what you have learned.


Build - Your body and mind is the foundation for success

  • Study: Maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher

  • Improve: Learn from the women who have come before you 

  • Strengthen: Weights, Yoga, Stretch, take the steps necessary to strengthen your body


Whether you are sick, hurt or in perfect health, give your perfect effort. Your perfect effort is everything you have at that very moment. Push yourself until the last breath.  Take the win from your opponent.

The Suncat 20

Each of our girls is committed to improving their skills on non-team practice days for 20 minutes.  All 45 players tweet out short videos of their 20 minutes.  Follow us using the link below or follow a specific player by viewing them on the roster pages.



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