It is your responsibility to contact the schools you want to go to, neither coach's nor parents can do it for you.  Schools can be contacted in a variety of ways; email, phone or a mailed letter. 


Most of your communications are going to be via email. Each email you send should be followed up with a phone call.  In most cases, you will be leaving a voicemail, the voicemail sets you apart from all the other emails and it becomes more likely that the coach will now look for your email. 


Head Coach's get the majority of the email but can't review them all.  If you have the opportunity to do so be sure to email the Assistant Coach's or the recruiting coordinator. Pitchers should always email the Pitching Coach's in addition to the recruiting coordinator.  This information can be found on any schools website. 


Remember Coach's are being contacted on a regular basis by 1000's of girls.  As a result, you need to draw attention to your emails.  You can do this by:

  • Being concise with your emails.  No one wants to read a long story about how much you love cats. 
  • Include a video or make sure Sports Recruits is updated with your video's.
  • Too many people lie about their statistics use video and/or 3D images from your blast to show real numbers. 




How Often

How many times have you seen the same commercial over and over on TV?  There are probably some you have seen so many times you can sing the jingle (Nationwide is on your....).  Your job is to do the same thing with your name.  After several months of repeated contact, you want your prospective college coach singing your jingle. Contact Plan:

  • One email a month during high school season, be sure to include your upcoming schedule. As you get closer to summer or fall ramp up to one email a week. 
  • Email tournament schedule as soon as you have it.
  • Leading up to the October and November contact periods email once a week. 


Email Basics

When sending an email there are some basics you need to apply to every email. 

  1. Always use Sports Recruits when sending an email.  This is the only way you and the coaches will know if a school is looking at your profile. There are tags in the sports recruits email which tells us when they coaches are reading your emails. 
  2. Subject Line should read: Your Name - Graduation Year - Primary Position - Team Name - Jersey Number.
    1. Example: Yalina "Lina" Ellis - 2021 - Catcher - Arizona Suncats #99
  3. You can start off your email with Hello, Good Morning and then the Coach's Name. If you don't know the coach you should always use their last name. If you are sending lots of emails make sure you are getting the correct coach's name there is nothing worse than calling someone by the wrong name.  
    1. Example: Good Morning Coach Malgradi,


Non Tournament Season Email

College Coach's start planning their summer schedule during the Spring and their Fall schedule during the summer. It is very important that we let them know where we are going to be.  Here is a sample email that gives the coach's a head up as to where we will be. 

Pre-Tournament Schedule Email

Before every tournament is important to give the college's you are interested in a heads up as to where you are going to be.  Be sure to include the field name, numbers and an address to the fields. Sample Email:

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