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The Arizona Suncats Board is proud to present the Suncat Scholarship.  Players eligible for the Arizona Suncats Scholarship (the “Scholarship”) will include those who have a financial need and demonstrate characteristics consistent with the organization’s mission and values.  The number of scholarships and the amount awarded to a player may vary and will be allocated as the Arizona Suncats’ Board of Directors (the “Board”) deems appropriate based on the donations received specifically for the Scholarship


Eligibility requirements: 1) must be a current player/member of the Arizona Suncats; 2) enrolled in a high school located within Arizona; 3) must follow and adhere to the Arizona Suncats’ code of conduct at all times. Any Scholarship awarded will not be paid directly to a player or her parent or legal guardian but will be credited to the team that the player is assigned. The Scholarship may be used to cover dues, travel costs and/or start-up costs for that individual player. If for any reason a player is granted a Scholarship and leaves the organization, the unused portion of the Scholarship will be returned back to the scholarship fund and the player will have no further right to the Scholarship.  If a player uses a Scholarship to purchase equipment, the equipment must be returned to the team upon the player’s departure. Any player consents and acknowledges these terms upon acceptance of the Scholarship.


In order to be considered for a Scholarship, a player may apply directly on behalf of herself or be nominated by a third party. All applications will be reviewed by the Arizona Suncats’ Board and the Board will determine the allocation of such Scholarship based on financial need, personal interviews with candidates, nominees, or their references as well as any other criteria the Board deems necessary. The Board has the right to modify and/or change the award qualification criteria at any time.  Each Scholarship will be awarded as a one-time award, the amount and/or duration will be established by the Board and is also dependent upon the available funds in the scholarship account at the time the application was submitted. Players may re-apply for additional scholarships which will be left to the Boards discretion on whether or not another scholarship is awarded. All information on how to apply, the application process and the application itself can be accessed through the organization’s website:  The Board will notify applicants of their decision between thirty to forty-five (30 – 45) days after their application has been received. There are no guarantees that an award will be given.


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