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Setting up a one-time or annual scholarship with Arizona Suncats is simple. If you have questions throughout the process contact James Ellis at or 623.696.6667. Review the following information to determine the type of scholarship you would like to be a part of. 


A. Name of Scholarship Is there a person or organization you would like to honor or establish a scholarship in memory of? Some examples are: Greg Hansen Memorial Scholarship,

aster Gardner’s Scholarship, or the Vietnam Veteran’s Scholarship.


B. Type of Scholarship Is the scholarship to be based on academic record, financial need or something else? 


C. Other Award Preferences Are there any other preferences you would like to be taken into consideration when selecting a student-athlete?


D. Funding Frequency There are two types of scholarships:

D1. Current scholarship means that the amount donated is given to student-athlete right away. Sometimes the donor makes one gift and sometimes the donor lets Arizona Suncats Board know that they intend to repeat next year.


D2. Endowment scholarship means that the amount donated is invested by Arizona Suncats and the earnings are used for the scholarships. Donors should gift at least $5,000 to start an endowed scholarship.


E. Amount and Number of Awards Several options exist for the size and number of awards to offer. For example, some donors may desire to provide $1,000 to each of five student-athletes, some may want $2,500 to each of two student-athletes, and some may desire to have the Arizona Suncats Board to decide how best to give out the awards. For Endowment Scholarships, the total endowment amount can increase because of additional donations or because of investment growth. If that occurs, then the Arizona Suncats will make more funds available to students each year by following a pattern first established by the donor in this section of the form.


Donation Form

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