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The Wilson Team Shop will be able to provide you with about 90% of your Suncat items.  If you have not logged into the Wilson team shop yet follow the instructions under the Wilson heading to get that setup. You do not need to order any start-up items here.  This website is only for ordering additional uniform items or parent gear.   


The following items are not available on the Wilson team shop: Blast, New Balance Cleats and Turfs, Hats, Visors, Graphite Socks, and Graphite Belt. Use the order form below to order these items. 


If you aren't sure what your kid's sizes are, don't worry we have that in a google sheet here:



After you hit the submit button you will receive an email from the Wilson Team store (this is the email address it will come from In this email will be a link for you to follow and log into the store. Once you are in the store you are all set to order whatever you would like. 


Hats, Visors and More

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