Getting Started

All new players are signed up for Sports Recruits at start up.  You cannot begin the next steps unless you have received an email from Sports Recruits notifying you of your new account. 

Step 1



Sports Recruits page.




Step 2

Complete your profile information


1. Fill out as much information as you can.  DO NOT LIE!


2. If you are not in high school yet input the one you plan to go to.


Step 3

Identify at least 20 schools where you want to go 


See the detail below on how to pick the right schools for you


What should I be considering when selecting a school?

  • Where are you willing to live?
    • Consider a location where you have family nearby or someplace familiar if you move away from home
    • Do you hate snow? If so you might want to rule out most East and Midwest schools.
  • Pick both Dream schools and  Reality schools. A good example of a Dream school  would be those schools in the College Super Regionals and/or World Series year after year (Oklahoma, U of W, U of A, ASU, etc...) Reality schools are a good fit based on your Atheltic/Academic skill set and focus.  Here are some things to consider when determining what is Reality vs. Dream schools
    • Players I am competing with in tournaments are committing to the same level of schools.  Example: If you can hit well off a player committed to ASU then it is likely you can compete at that level. 
    • DI & DII: They will have limits on what college programs you can take.  Nursing is a good example, a lot of DI and DII programs do not allow their athletes to take nursing programs. 
    • DIII: Do you already know your major? Do you have a high GPA and tend to enjoy smaller classrooms? Here all scholarship money will be based on academics but you still have the opportunity to play at a high level. 
    • NAIA: Tend to be smaller schools, faith-based, have both academic and athletic money. Not governed by NCAA. 
    • JC: Junior college is a good financial option if you aren't sure where you want to go.  It can also be a good gateway if you are unsure of what you want your major to be. 
  • Confirm the school you choose has the academic program you are interested in.  Not all colleges offer nursing programs or specialty type degrees. 
    • If you are interested in Nursing it is important you contact the college's admissions department to determine if they allow their student-athletes to pursue a nursing degree while playing sports.  Some colleges accommodate for the student-athlete schedule whereas others do not.  
  • Will the college be interested in you? Take a look at their online roster is it full of 5' 7" players and taller?  Do they all appear to weigh 200lbs?  If I am 5'0 and weigh 100lbs they probably are not going to be interested in me.  If I still really want to go here then flag this school as a Dream school.
  • Numbers speak for themselves... Consider there are three times as many schools in the East and Midwest as compared to the West Coast. Maybe snow isn't so bad if they are willing to offer you a scholarship to play ball. 



Tons of filters and search elements


Use the filter options to find schools that meet your criteria

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