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We focus on lifting players up to be able to achieve their highest potential, providing information they need in order to be successful with their own hard work.  Valuing the development of players mentally, physically and emotionally to aid them in performing at the highest level of competition.


Teaching a core group of skills that each player can use on and off the field, we build strong women and competitive athletes at the same time.  All of the girls will be taught the game of softball with a strong focus on developing life skills. 


The Suncat 20

Long before COVID made at homework a normal thing we started the Suncat 20.  Every non-practice day a player is expected to put in 20 minutes of softball related work.  Each of our girls is committed to improving their craft by putting in their own work in addition to practice.  All 45+ players tweet out short videos of their 20 minutes first describing what they are working on and then demonstrating it through video.  Follow us using the link below or follow a specific player by viewing them on the roster pages.


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